Trumpet Modifications

We perform a wide range of options to enhance and customize your trumpet. Whether you are looking to dial in on the perfect sound, adjust the feel and balance of the instrument, or create some visual appeal that helps identify you as a musician, we are here for you! Some of our more popular options include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Engraving
  • Leadpipe installation
  • Custom bracing
  • Custom Tuning slide
  • Trim Inlay (Caps, buttons, and/or draw knobs)
  • Custom trim kits
  • Trigger modifications
  • Screw Bell Conversion 
  • Dizzy Bell Mod

For more details and pricing, please refer to our 'Restoration Inclusions' pamphlet, found here. There are a variety of customization options spelled out along with some of our pricing. Any other questions, please 'Request a Quote' under the 'Order Now' button.