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Master Craftsman/President : Michael T. Corrigan

At a young age, B.A.C. founder Mike Corrigan realized he had a strong passion for both history and music. He seemed to find a way to marry both interests when he began collecting and learning about a wide variety of musical instruments. Discovering he had a natural aptitude for working with his hands, Corrigan found himself pursuing a career in Band Instrument Repair. He attended Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical, Red Wing in 1999. It was there in Minnesota that he discovered his true calling of hand-crafting musical instruments. Following Red Wing, Corrigan apprenticed for four years at a custom brass instrument manufacturer in the Boston, MA area. Over the years, Corrigan has worked with and consulted for a wide range of both small custom, and large band instrument manufacturers. His philanthropic pursuits, and knowledge of instruments have earned him much respect. In 2011, New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landreau presented Corrigan with a key to the city for his role in the recovery effort post Hurricane Katrina.  He has always been a passionate individual, and attributes much of his drive and perseverance to his time in the Boy Scouts of America, earning the rank Eagle Scout, and his four years marching with the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps.

Craftsman Lineage:

The art of manufacturing brass instruments goes back several hundreds of years. Many skills, and techniques have been handed down from craftsman to craftsman. In addition, we proudly continue our craft utilizing original tooling that came from other workshops over the history of our industry. When tracing the linage of craftsmen from where we have either directly or indirectly be influenced we can connect to nearly every important brass instrument manufacturer in the United States throughout the history of our industry. 


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