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BAC Full Restoration

- The instrument is professionally cleaned using a two-part deep cleaning process and chemical treatment. 

- The instrument is carefully, fully dis-assembled. The main components will be un-soldered to ensure proper fitting of joints, squared off joints, etc.. (Unless otherwise requested)

- All of the major components go through a meticulous restoration 'detailing' where we remove any dents, dings, scratches and nicks. We take great pride in offering the most cautious preservation of any original engraving, decorative trim work, serial numbers, etc.. We also do everything we can to preserve the integrity of the instrument's original components. If ever a component is seriously worn away and requires replacement, we exhaust every effort to find original replacement parts that would be considered the proper period. If replacement parts are not available, or cost preventive, we will manufacture said parts as closely to the original as possible. (When the need for replacement parts or manufacturing replica parts is necessary, this will constitute additional cost in addition to the Restoration Cost.)

- Once all of the components have been fully restored, we will reassemble the instrument. We ensure the joints are trued and square - ensure there are no gaps - and ensure the instrument is assembled free of any stress. 

- The assembled instrument is carefully hand polished.

- We offer a variety of 'finish options' using a durable baked-on epoxy lacquer. The following options, or any combination of these options are available at no additional cost: Traditional High Luster Bright Polish - Satin (Brush) Finish - Antique Patina Finish – Raw Brass (no lacquer)

- Upon request, we can also offer the instrument restored and left 'raw brass'.

- Other finish coating options include copper, nickel, silver, and gold plating. Silver plate generally adds approximately $175 for trombones, and Gold Plate is determined on Market Value at the time of restoration. (Generally $1200-$1500 for trombones)

*The only additional cost that would be 'required' in a full restoration is if you have components that are so badly damaged they need to be replaced, or excessive damaged components. We can typically determine if your instrument fits that category with photographs and description via email or over the phone.*


In addition, we are a ProTech Case dealer. With our B.A.C. Custom Restoration Customers, we are pleased to offer discounted pricing for new ProTech cases. Offered in either Brown or Black, the MSRP of these cases is $304.00. Our discounted price to you is only $189.95.*


As for the timeline, we now have a dedicated department for restoration and modifications. Depending on when you confirm an appointment, I would expect the work can be completed within 6-8 weeks. Timeline may vary. Occasionally we will have time slots open up due to cancellations, which can help expedite the service. For clarification, we do not need to have the instrument in our possession for the entire duration of waiting period. If we have it scheduled in advance, we will determine a timeline, and generally have the instrument done within 2 weeks of receiving the instrument. Expedited services are available for an additional cost, will may vary depending on the season. (Generally $100 Rush fee) If you decide to perform several customizations or require additional parts over and above the restoration, we can explore providing an additional discount for the full service.



Full Restoration



Bell w/out Valve (Straight Horn)


Bell w/one Valve (Large Bore Tenor)


Bell w/two Valves (Bass)


Piston Valve Trumpet/Flugelhorn


Bell Section Options

Custom Engraving

Starting at $100.00

B.A.C. Custom Neckpipe


Straight Horn Screw Bell Conversion


One-Two Valve Screw Bell Conversion

Starting at $475.00

B.A.C. Custom Hand Hammered One Piece Bell


Bell Only (i.e. Detachable Bell Flare Like Shires)

Starting at $615.00

Handslide Options

EVT (Escape Velocity Treatment- BAC’s premium slide treatment.)


EVR (Escape Velocity Rebuild- BAC’s premium slide rebuild.)


Ergo Hand Grip (3 Options – Curved, BAC, and EM)


Custom “Outer Hand Slide Grip”


Lightweight Slide Conversion (Remove Sleeves)


Carbon Fiber Handslide conversion (Please contact us for information about compatibility.)


B.A.C. SUNARU Water Key (Saturn Water Key)

Currently Unvailable

Removable Leadpipe Conversion “Friction Fit”


B.A.C. Custom Leadpipe


Re-Chrome Plating Inner Handslide Tubes

Per Tube $160.00

Replace Inner Handslide Tubes

Per Tube $215.00

Replace Outer Handslide Tubes

Per Tube $200.00

Small Bore Elliptical ‘EZ’ Crook


Large Bore ‘EX’ Crook


Custom Tapered Handslide Crook


Valve Section/Tuning Slide Options

Custom Crafted Counterweight

Starting at $150.00

B.A.C. Loop Counterweight


B.A.C. Custom Main Tuning Slide


F-Attachment – B.A.C. Custom Conversion (Using all of, or most of the original parts and simply re-wrapping the plumbing to an open wrap, re-bracing)

Starting at $350.00

F-Attachment – B.A.C. Custom ‘P-Series’ Conversion (Converting to an open wrap with our shepherd crook F-Slide design, rewrapping, and re-bracing)

 Starting at $450.00

F-Attachment – Replacing the valve and casing and fabricating a full wrap (Hagmann valve or custom rotary valve)

Starting at $1650.00

Miniball Linkage Conversion


Trumpet Customization Options

B.A.C. Custom Leadpipes


Custom Tuning Slide Crook


Custom Bracing

Starting at $150.00

Full Valve Job

Per Valve $175.00

Sunaru Water Key

Each $55.00

Custom Engraving

Pricing will vary