Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I'm ready to place an instrument order! What do I do next?
    Click HERE to place a custom order!

  • I'm ready to place a restoration order! What do I do next?
    Click HERE to place a restoration order!

  • What is the safest way to ship you my instrument for service or restoration?
    1. If shipping in a case - make sure there is packing stuffed into the bell. During shipping, the case can be dropped, thrown or mishandled and even if it seems as though the instrument is snug inside the case, it can still move and possibly bend the bell. In some cases it is actually safer to not ship, especially if it is in its original case. The ultimate goal is to have the instrument secured to where it has little to no movement during shipment.

    2. Make sure the box you use has no existing weaknesses to it. Whether the instrument is in a case or no, make sure you have enough packing (bubble wrap, peanuts or paper) so that the instrument will not shift during shipment. Include your information and any paper work inside the box. Make sure box is securely taped.

    3. It doesn't hurt to take pictures of the instrument, and how it is packed before shipping. Should the instrument be damaged, it will help with any claims you need to make to the shipping company you use.

  • How long will my project take?
    Our production time will vary throughout the course of the year. Once a project is 'confirmed' with a 35% deposit, you will be officially added to the production queue. You will receive an estimated production time at that point. Please understand while we strive to meet or exceed expected production estimates, some times unforeseen delays may occur. There are only four craftspeople at B.A.C. and Quality is above all else our priority.

  • Why do you require a 35% deposit on Custom services?
    A 35% deposit is required to cover the cost of any materials required for your project. This also secures your spot in our production queue. Please understand that when ordering a Custom horn, it is being made to your specifications. Because we are a small company, it would put us in a bit of a bind if your are unable to complete the purchase after the instrument is completed. So this 35% deposit is non-refundable. Artist Series and Apprentice instruments do not require a deposit. 

  • Do you offer financing?
    Financing is available through Synchrony Financial 

  • Do you provide tours of your facility?
    Yes! We do however prefer as much notice as you can. We always try to be accommodating. And it's always better to give a tour to more then one person if possible. So bring a friend! Or 10! Please contact us - HERE - to set up a tour.

  • Where are your instruments produced?
    B.A.C. Custom Musical Instruments are hand made in the Historic Jazz District of Kansas City, Missouri, in the Heart of the United States of America. We also perform all of our restoration work in-house, (Sans plating/Lacquer Work which is done here in KC) Our Apprentice and Artist Series Instruments are designed by B.A.C. Craftsmen in Kansas City, and produced to our specifications in the Beijing, and Tianjin Region of China. The factories we work with have been fully vetted by Master Craftsman Michael Corrigan personally. Once brought to Kansas City, B.A.C. Craftsmen then provide Quality Control, and adjust and play test every single Apprentice and Artist Series instrument. 

  • Do you manufacture anything else, that isn't on your website?
    YES!! We do produced a wide variety of components, and have been commissioned to manufacture custom one of instruments for people. Because of our intimate process and production techniques it does allow opportunities not typically found with other factories. Please contact us to inquire about any unique projects you have envisioned.