Canadian Brass Mouthpieces

Canadian Brass is pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution partnership with BAC Musical Instruments.   With an international reputation as one of the most popular brass ensembles today, Canadian Brass has truly earned the distinction of “the world’s most famous brass group.”  BAC manufactures custom hand-made trumpets and trombones, designs and imports a line of student instruments and remains the national distributor for System Blue marching brass and percussion.

 Chuck Daellenbach, founding member of Canadian Brass, and Mike Corrigan, instrument Master Craftsman and President of BAC have worked in partnership to develop a line of mouthpieces that are designed to be played as a choir.  These mouthpieces will create a similar timbre throughout the series so that the ensemble’s sound blends better than ever.

 “With the specific demands of brass chamber music, large ensemble performance and solo work, we have developed a consort of mouthpieces we consider important in promoting a clarity and consistent sound across all instruments.  Through years of experimentation and performance, our thoughts about equipment has come of age.  Simplicity of design, precise inside science and a family of mouthpieces were our basic demands.”  Said Daellenbach.  “After careful consideration, we chose BAC to be our partner in translating our ideas into reality.  The most important quality we find in working with the craftspeople at BAC is their devotion to excellence that equals our own.”

2018-12-19 17.03.21.jpg

Mike Corrigan, founder of BAC added, “We are thrilled to partner with Canadian Brass.  The ensemble is an international household name and the musicians are collective experts in regards to brass instruments and mouthpieces.   BAC is excited to distribute Canadian Brass Mouthpieces along with our strong lineup of Apprentice, Artist and Custom horns.”


Trumpet T3

Similar 1.25C - (16.99mm) rim diameter, slightly deeper cup


Trumpet T1

Similar 7C - (16.20mm) rim diamter, standard cup


Trombone TB5S

Similar to 5GS - Small Trombone (25.5mm) rim diameter, funnel shape, deep cup, small shank


Tuba TU120

Based on the original mouthpieces from the 1950’s


Trumpet T2

Similar 3C - (16.41mm) rim diameter, standard medium cup



French Horn - Medium deep cup, medium wide rim


Trombone TB5L

Similar to 5G - Large Trombone (25.5mm) rim diameter, deep cup, large shank