Select Alto Saxophone

- Yellow Brass Construction
- Yellow Brass Keys
- Keyed to High F#
- Brass Fork F Key Touch
- Deluxe Brass Thumb Rest
- Hand Engraving
- Domed Metal Resonators
- B.A.C. Pro-Line Series Deluxe Case

The Select Saxophone was conceptualized as a no-nonsense solution for musicians to further advance over other alternatives, while offering a budget conscious option. We considered the intimidating price point of a saxophone, compared to other entry level instruments young musicians might choose from. We took into account the landscape of music programs across the country as more and more educators prefer young aspiring saxophonists to first start on clarinet. What benefit would there be to provide a simplified, scaled down "entry level" saxophone? In many situations, musicians find themselves purchasing at least three instruments as they progress toward a professional level instrument. Instead, B.A.C. decided to develop our Apprentice "Select" Alto Saxophone. Featuring superb craftsmanship, a heavier build, higher quality materials, additional ergonomic details (typically only found on more advanced, or professional model instruments), the BAC-AS-400 Select Series provides the tools needed to succeed and advance at a much more affordable price point. 

Select Trombone

- .500/.525" Dual Bore
- Semi Open Wrap F Attachment
- 8" Yellow Brass Bell
- Reso-Tempered Bell
- Nickel-Silver Handslide
- Yellow Brass Tuning Slide
- Polished Lightweight Lacquer
- B.A.C. Pro-Line Series Deluxe Case

Since our humble beginnings, B.A.C. has always been held in high regard by professional trombonists the world over. While we strive to maintain a high standard across the board with all of the instruments we offer, we recognize the responsibility we have to continue raising the bar for the trombone community. We were pleased to release two new and incredibly exciting models of trombone in 2016. While the 500 Select Series trombones are similar in design aesthetically, they provide two unique solutions to a wide variety of musicians. The BAC-SL-500 "Select" Model offers a smaller dual bore with F-Attachment. This model is ideal for a younger musician who might want to start band with the advantages an F-Attachment offers. While at the same time the .500/.525" dual bore provides an incredible solution for a jazz trombone doubler who might enjoy the compact and powerful sound a smaller bore offers, while facilitating the needs required with the F-Attachment. The BAC-SL-550 provides similar advantages however features a large bore, (.547") for the a stronger musician, who would prefer a larger more symphonic feel.